Locked Yourself Out of Your Car? We Can Help!

Locked Yourself Out of Your Car? We Can Help!

That sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realize your keys are locked inside your car is all too familiar. Suddenly you’re stranded, unable to get into your vehicle whether parked at home, at work, or out running errands. Don’t panic – our expert auto locksmiths can come to your rescue quickly! We have the skills to gain entry into any make or model vehicle to retrieve your keys.

How Car Lockouts Happen

Locking keys in your car can happen in a multitude of ways. Here are some of the most common scenarios:

  • Forgetting keys are inside and manually locking the car using the door lock. This is most common cause of lockouts.
  • Accidentally pressing lock button on key fob when keys are still in ignition.
  • Fob battery dies while keys are in the car, preventing unlocking.
  • Child locks are engaged, trapping keys inside.
  • Electronic key fob is damaged and no longer working properly.
  • Valet key is used to park vehicle, then regular key with remote gets locked inside.
  • Spare key pops off key ring or falls out of pocket before locking door.

The nightmare of realization that you’ve locked your keys inside the car can happen to anyone. Don’t waste time attempting to break in yourself. Call for professional assistance right away.

Gaining Entry Safely and Quickly

Our highly experienced auto locksmiths have specialized tools and techniques for accessing locked vehicles of all types without any damage:

  • Wedge access – A custom air wedge can spread the car door’s frame just enough to insert an unlocking rod tool.
  • Lasso, snake, or slim jim tools – These lengthy, flexible steel hand tools can unlock doors by manipulating levers or rods inside the door frame.
  • Inflatable door bladders – Forced air quickly spreads door frames for an opening to insert unlocking tools.
  • Lockout pad – Locksmith places a small inflatable pad inside door frame which fills the gap so tools can reach and open locking mechanism.
  • Door rod pressure – For cars with upright rods near windows, we apply calculated pressure to shift the rod and unlock.
  • Wire feeding – We feed a thin wire through a small gap in the window to hook and pull up the lock.
  • Wedge access via trunk – For 2-stage trunk and interior locks, we wedge trunk to pass tools inside to internal door lock.
  • Unlock by puncturing weather stripping – Puncturing a small hole in the car’s window weather stripping allows passing tools through to unlock the door.
  • Calling OnStar or other roadside assistance tech support – For newer vehicles with cellular connections and apps, we can unlock through technical support.

The method we use depends on your vehicle’s design, construction, and locking system. Rest assured we have the expertise to pop your car open quickly and get your keys in your hand, without any scratches or damage.

Beware Lockout Scams

Unfortunately, some disreputable “locksmiths” prey on desperate people locked out of vehicles and charge outrageous fees. They may claim your car requires drilling or other damage to gain entry, then charge $100 or more once you’re inside.

Legitimate professional locksmiths like us can unlock 99% of vehicles cleanly without any drilling or damage. Beware scammers’ high-pressure tactics and focus on finding an ethical local locksmith you can trust, even if it costs a few extra dollars. Your safety and vehicle security are worth it.

Added Services For Extra Security

Once we’ve unlocked your vehicle and retrieved your keys, we recommend taking advantage of the opportunity to maximize your car security:

  • Key replacement – We can cut replacement keys if yours were lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Lock re-keying – For lost keys, we can re-key locks to prevent compromised keys working.
  • Key fob replacement – We program new fobs to sync properly with your car computer.
  • Extract broken keys – If a key is broken/stuck in ignition, we can remove it.
  • Ignition lock cylinder repair/replacement – For ignition lock problems, we can replace the cylinder.

Don’t Get Stranded Again

The inconvenience of a lockout is compounded by potential safety risks if stranded in an unsafe place. Avoid another stressful situation with these key tips:

  • Always double check you have keys before closing door. Develop this habit!
  • Have spare key made; keep hidden on vehicle exterior or give to trusted friend.
  • Install hide-a-key box discreetly on car chassis.
  • Leave a rear window cracked when parking so access is available if locked out.
  • Utilize valet key when leaving keys with parking attendant or mechanic.

We know the panic being locked out causes. Trust our expertise to resolve your car lockout quickly and affordably, with no frustration or vehicle damage. Keep our number handy in your phone to call anytime for emergency rescue service.