Choosing the Right Locks for Your Home Security

Choosing the Right Locks for Your Home Security

Your home’s locks are the first line of defense against intruders. Investing in high-quality, secure locks for all entry points is a key component of keeping your family and belongings safe. As locksmiths, we’re often asked – what are the best locks for home security? The answer depends on your specific needs. In this article, we’ll go over the critical factors to consider when selecting locks to maximize home protection.

Assess Your Security Vulnerabilities

Start by performing a property walk-through to note any vulnerabilities where enhanced locks would boost security:

  • Exterior doors – Front, back, side entries, garage entry door, patio doors
  • Windows – Especially ground floor windows
  • Gates/fences – Latches, chains and padlocks
  • Storage – Sheds, detached garage, tools, bicycles
  • Interior entry points – Interior garage door, doors to basement, attic, etc.

Pay particular attention to the type of existing locks. Standard knob locks or old, worn deadbolts provide minimal security. Key areas to focus your lock upgrade efforts are exterior doors and ground floor windows which are most susceptible to break-ins.

Key Factors in Choosing Locks

With your vulnerability assessment complete, keep the following factors in mind when selecting lock models:

Lock Type

  • Deadbolts provide the strongest protection. Choose either single or double cylinder models.
  • Knob/lever locks alone are insufficient for exterior doors. Install along with deadbolts.
  • Padlocks secured with hardened steel chains/cables are ideal for gates and storage areas.

Key Control

  • Keyed different locks provide more unique key combinations.
  • Master key systems allow one master key to control multiple locks.
  • Electronic keypads, keyless entry and smart locks provide keyless convenience.

Door Composition

  • Solid wood or metal doors offer robust security; hollow wood or glass insert doors are weaker.
  • Match the lock strength accordingly to the strength of the door itself.

Level of Security Needed

  • Standard locks = basic protection
  • Security grade 1-2 locks = moderate to high security
  • High/maximum security grade 3 locks = very high level protection


  • Look for locks certified to meet ANSI Grade 1-3 standards or UL certifications for proven reliability.

Our Top Lock Recommendations

Based on the above criteria, we recommend the following lock models for optimal home security:

  • Exterior doors – Schlage B660P Grade 1 single cylinder deadbolt and KW1 knob lock
  • Double doors – Multi-point locks secure both doors; lock bottom of inactive door
  • Sliding patio doors – Charley or pinlock; install dowels to prevent lifting door off track or pry bar attacks
  • Windows – Keyed window locks to prevent intruders from opening from outside
  • Gates/fences – Hardened high-security padlocks paired with galvanized steel chains
  • Storage sheds – Disc or puck padlock secured with steel cable
  • Garage – Secure automatic garage door opener with a manual paddle lock to prevent forced entry
  • Interior doors – Grade 2 knob locks for bedroom, basement, attic doors
  • Safes – UL rated Group 1 or 2 safe with relocker, drill guards, pry resistance

High-Security Options

For even greater protection, consider upgrading to maximum-grade cylindrical or mortise locks:

  • Medeco – UL 437 Grade 1 certified; patented key control system
  • Mul-T-Lock – Pick and drill resistant; levels range from Basic to Extreme
  • ASSA Abloy Protec2 – Bump proof with patented keyway technology
  • Schlage Primus – Sidebar keyway is extremely difficult to pick or replicate

Keyless Convenience

For ease of access without keys, we recommend keyless locks and smart locks with phone app integration:

  • Kwikset Kevo – Touch-to-open smart lock
  • Yale Assure Lock – Key free touchscreen deadbolt
  • August Smart Lock – Retrofits on existing deadbolts
  • Schlage Encode – WiFi enabled touchscreen deadbolt

Proper installation is also critical. Allow our licensed locksmiths to fit and install your new locks to ensure maximum strength and security. Routine maintenance like lubrication will also keep locks operating smoothly for decades.

Evaluate your home’s unique security needs. Let us advise you in selecting the ideal lock models to provide robust protection. Contact us today to assess your current locks or install upgraded new locks. Investing in the right locks will help safeguard your home from unauthorized entry.